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1. High-Low

2. High Thigh

3. High Double Thigh      

4. High Chest   

5. High Shoulder      

6. Shoulder To Shoulder

7. Shoulder Roll & Catch 

8. High Head

9. Up & Down

10. Double High   

11. Zico      

12. Double Zico               13. High Catch

14. Cross Over Behind     

15. Inside Outside   

16. Front Heel        

17. Front Calf       

18. Shins

19. Double Touch

20. Basketball

21. Step Over   

22. Scissors   

23. Step Over Turn

24. Scissors Turn 

25. V Move       

26. Double V

27. Ronaldinho       

28. Snake                   

29. 360                  

30. Rabona              

31. High Rabona 

32. Heel Sledgehammer

33. Knee Bounce           

34. High Neck Catch        

35. High Push Up Catch    

36. High Chest Up Catch   

37. Backside Cradle  

38. Donkey Kick  

39. Scorpion Kick   

40. Bicycle Kick   

41. Scissors Kick 

42. Freestyle

43. Scoop

44. Side Scoop
45. Heel Scoop


1.   Step Over

2.   Scissors

3.   V-Move Inside

4.   V-Move Outside

5.   V-Move Cross-Over

6.   Double V-Move Inside

7.   Double V-Move Outside

8.   Double V-Move Crossover

9.   Inside Cut

10. Outside Cut

11. Ronaldinho

12. Snake

13. Roll and Take

14. 360

15. Barnes

16. Rivelino

17. Okocha

18. Kanu Drag

19. Cristiano Ronaldo

20. Matthews

21. Reverse Matthews

22. Roll and Inside Cut

23. Roll and Outside Cut

24. V and Inside Cut

25. V and Outside Cut

26. Chop

27. Cruyff

28. Zidane Turn

29. Step Over Turn

30. Scissors Turn

31. V-Turn

32. Double V-Turn

33. Stop Turn

34. Spin Turn

35. Double Step Over

36. Double Scissors

37. Lunge

38. Double Lunge

39. Inside Cut 360

40. Outside Cut 360

41. Beardsley Hip Swivel

42. Zidane Double Touch

43. Leonardo

44. Rabona

45. Triangle

46. Rainbow

47. Zico

48. Reverse Zico

49. Roll and Hold

50. Neymar

51. Falcao Drag Back and Stab

52. Falcao Backward Elastico

53. Falcao Head Over Heels

54. Van Nistelrooy Turn

55. Issy Hitman Akka

56. Knee Akka

57. Triple Akka

58. Akka 3000

59. Panna

60. Coutinho (Pull & Flick)

61. Reverse Double Touch

62. Roll & Crossover Hold

63. Roll & Double Crossover Hold

64. Reverse Drag and Outside Cut


1.  Taps with Inside of Feet

2.  Taps Forward and Back

3.  Taps Around The Ball

4.  Toe Taps On Top Of Ball

5.  Toe Taps Forward and Back

6.  Toe Taps Around The Ball

7.  Inside Outside Big Toe Little Toe

8.  Roll and Inside Cut

9.  Roll and Outside Cut

10. Double V Move  (inside)

11. Double V Move (outside)

12. Crossover V Move

13. Double Triangle

14. Roll and Hold (toe)

15. Reverse Roll and Hold (w/laces)

16. Crossover Roll and Hold (w/little toe)

17. Rabona

18. Leonardo

19. Multiple Scissors on spot

20. Multiple Step Overs on spot

21. Multiple Rivelinos

22. Multiple Ronaldinhos

23. Multiple Cristiano Ronaldos

24. Multiple Kanu Drags

25. Multiple Zidane Turns

26. Multiple Step Over Turns

27. Multiple Stop Turns

28. Multiple Spin Turns (w/hop)

29. Multiple Cruyffs

30. Roll and Hold (heel)

31. Roll and Hold (shin)

32. Roll and Hold (knee)

33. Roll and Hold (calf)

34. Roll and Hold (outside)

35. Roll and Take

36. Double Roll and Take

37. Spin Turn with Hop

38. Stop Turn

39. Taps & Roll Right, Taps & Roll Left

40. Freestyle


1.  Inside of the foot push pass

     w follow thru

2.  Outside of the foot pass

3.  Laces

4.  Bend inside

5.  Bend outside

6.  Chip

7.  Stamp/Push Pass w/o follow thru

8.  Back Heel

9.  Sole

10. Front Crossover Heel

11. Back Inside Heel

12. Flick Inside

13. Flick Outside

14. Volley Flick Inside

15. Volley Flick Outside

16. Volley Flick Front Crossover

17. Volley Flick Back Inside

18. Rabona

19. Volley Pass Inside

20. Volley Pass Outside

21. Volley Laces

22. Volley Zico

23. Set Pass Sole

24. Lay Off Inside (Cushion)

25. Lay Off Outside (Cushion)

26. Toe Poke Pass

27. Head Pass (Knock Down)

28. Head Pass (Flick On)

29. Head Pass (Cushion)

30. Chest Pass

31. Thigh Pass

32. Line Drive

Foundation Juggling Set Demonstrated by DC U15s

Foundation Footwork Set Demonstrated by VA U14s



Copy and paste links into your address bar if the video links don't automatically click.



1. Dive bomber push ups: done slowly with body straight, chest down, lift butt up, push up and then swoop down and come back up, with a 2 second hold, 5 reps.

Add 5 each week.


2. One hand push ups: alternate arms, 2 reps

Add 2 each week


3. Clapping push ups: Hold stance, push upwards off the floor and clap and catch yourself before you reach the floor, 2 reps

Add 2 each week




Start with 10 reps per exercise daily and add 10 each week.

1. Basic Routine: Start watching video at 8 min 50 seconds. Follow the pace of the crunch. The slower the better to condition the abs


2. Upper Ab Crunches: Lie flat on back, hands to side of neck or across chest, knees apart or cross feet, and lift back off floor and hold at 30 degree angle and begin squeeze crunching from that point (watch at 2.00 min mark), 10 reps

Add 10 each week


3. Twisting Sit Ups (Side Abs): Lie flat on back. hands behind head, bring left knee up to chest and at same time lift your back off the floor and touch knee with right elbow, alternate elbows with opposite knees, 10 reps

Add 10 each week


4. Pita Bread Sit Ups (Middle Abs): Lie flat on back, hands behind head, knees up and keep them wide apart in a V shape, feet on floor. Lift back off the floor and at same time bring knees to the chest so both lower and upper body meet in the middle, 10 reps

Add 10 each week


5. One Hand Sit Ups (Side Abs): Lie flat on back, stretch arms up above your head but on the ground, legs up, bring right hand forward and left foot back at same time and touch shoe, alternate hands and feet, 10 reps

Add 10 each week


6. Oblique Crunches (Side Abs/Love Handles): Lie flat on back, hands behind head, place both knees to one side, raise shoulders off floor, and lift/squeeze elbow to butt on one side, 10 reps

Add 10 each week


7. Leg Lifts (Lower Abs): Lie on your back, lift both legs up (90 degree angle), bring legs up and then down without touching ground, 10 reps

Add 10 each week


8. Lower Back Raises: Lie face down, arms to the side, feet wide apart in V shape, lift chest off the floor and hold, now small raises in that position up and down but never put chest back on the floor until you're finished, 10 reps

Add 10 each week


9. Decompression Stretch for Lower Back:


a) Cat Stretch:  Lie face down, legs apart, hands and arms forward, and push chest 45 degrees off floor while keeping stomach flat on ground and stretch out like a cat holding for 10 seconds

b) Ball Stretch:  Walk hands back from cat stretch position and sit on knees while curling up in ball with head tucked to knees, holding for 10 seconds.



1. Planks: 6 variations (30 seconds per exercise)

Add 30 seconds each week per exercise



1. Forward Lunges, Back Lunges: 10 reps

Add 10 each week per leg

2. Side Lunges: 10 reps

Add 10 each week per leg

3. Squats: 10 reps

Add 10 each week

4. Frog Walk: 10 steps

Add 10 each week

5. Power Jumps: 10 reps

Add 10 each week




Soccer specific conditioning

Replicate 100 sprints in a game while maintaining footwork and quality of pass under fatigue. 

The 100th pass should be of the same quality and accuracy as the 1st pass.

The 100th sprint should be of the same speed and intensity as the 1st sprint.

Set Up:

Set a cone grid 20-25 yards wide x 25-30 yards long. Start line to End line. Each individual with a ball.


Do 10 phases of 10 footwork moves, turns and 25 yard thru balls with recovery sprints to get the ball before it reaches the opposite end.

The ball must not die before it reaches the opposite end (this is your technical weight, accuracy and quality of a thru ball)

With each phase, focus on quality of footwork while dribbling, quick turn and thru ball and speed of sprint to get back.

1. First phase is 10 fast feet moves followed by water break and stretching.

2. Second phase is 10 body moves followed by water break and stretching.

3. Third phase is 10 advanced body and footwork moves followed by water break.

4. Fourth phase is 10 advanced body and footwork moves followed by water break.

5. Fifth phase is 10 turn moves followed by water break.

6. Sixth phase is 10 double moves followed by water break.

7-10. Seventh to Tenth phase is create your own 10 move phases from all the single moves you know.

Combine 2-3 moves into one.
These final four phases train the brain to keep thinking creatively while under fatigue replicating the last 20 minutes of a game.





Soccer specific conditioning

Core Work with First Touch Technical Control


Replicate match situation of getting up from the ground to the ball beating an opponent to the first pass in a game and getting control of it

These exercises develop 10 phases of agility with 10 different ball control techniques for a total of 100 passes, 100 push ups, 100 crunches and 100 sprints. 

Set Up:

Multiple 5-10 yard triangles with cones. Work in pairs. One server with a ball, one receiver.


Receiver starts at top of the triangle on the floor.

Server starts with the ball 5-10 yards from the base of triangle.

Server makes 10 alternating passes, 5 to the left base cone, 5 to the right base cone.

Receiver alternates in each phase between 2 push ups or 2 crunches, and gets up to race to the ball.

Receiver must get to the ball before it hits the cone.

Receiver must control the ball with the proper technique and body part or surface and return the ball with accurate weight and direction back to server and then return to the top of triangle to go again. 

Receiver alternates between receiving the ball from right foot to left foot depending on which cone receiver is running to.

Pairs switch roles.

Receiver must focus on quality of core work (pushups and crunches), the agility to get up quick and race to the ball, while focusing on proper technique to receive ball and weight of return pass. 


Server must focus on quality and weight of pass to each cone.


Server must pass to cone, NOT the receiver. It is receiver's role to beat cone to the ball as they would an opponent in a match.

1. First phase receiver receives 10 passes with inside of foot on the ground and returns ball with inside of same foot.

2. Second phase receiver receives 10 passes with outside of foot on the ground (using the opposite foot) use the little toe to touch ball away from body and open inside of foot to pass back to server.

3. Third phase receiver receives 10 passes with the inside of the foot off one bounce from a throw in, squeezing ball down with first touch and returning the ball on the ground to server with inside of same foot. Server should make sure weight and length of throw bounces at least knee height to allow receiver to rotate hips to control the ball properly.

4. Fourth phase receiver receives 10 passes with the outside of the foot off one bounce from a throw in, using little toe or side of foot to touch away from the body before opening foot to return pass to server with inside of foot. Receiving knee should crossover standing knee for better touch and balance.

5. Fifth phase receiver receives 10 passes with the inside of the foot direct from throw in out of the air, squeezing ball down with first touch and returning the ball on the ground to server with inside of the same foot. Server should throw ball knee height to challenge proper receiving technique.

6. Sixth phase receiver receives 10 passes with the outside of the foot direct from a throw in out of the air, squeezing ball down with first touch away from the body before opening foot to return pass to server with inside of foot on the ground. Receiving knee should crossover standing knee for better touch and balance.

7. Seventh phase receiver receives 10 passes with the thigh direct from a throw in out of the air and volleys the ball back to server with the same foot of the leg you received the ball with. The more the receiver can rotate the hips to volley sideways back to the server the better. Forward volleys are acceptable to begin if technique is difficult. Server can loop/rainbow the service so the ball comes down on the thigh as opposed to throwing lateral to the thigh.

8. Eighth phase receiver receives 10 passes with the chest direct from a throw in out of the air with first touch and volleys the ball back to server with second touch. Receiver should try to get slightly under the ball to receive it on the chest and then get over the ball to volley with balance. 

9. Ninth phase receiver receives 10 passes directly from throw ins and returns ball to server hands with one touch defensive jumping headers.
Receiver should head the ball at the top of the jump and try to arch back to get more height and power.

10. Tenth phase receiver receives 10 passes directly from throw ins and returns ball to server feet with one firm bounce with one touch offensive jumping headers. 
On the 10th throw, server should throw under arm toward waist of receiver and receiver should throw body forward and do a diving header back to server hands to complete the exercise.



Objective: Soccer specific conditioning

After a long layoff, from vacation, injury or sickness, use this program to rebuild all the specific muscle groups for soccer actions.

These are basic plyometric exercises that will also help build muscle and joint stability to lower risk of injury thru puberty. 

These exercises will gradually build up leg strength, power and agility for specific soccer actions for accelerating, jumping and striking a ball. 

Footwork with the ball will improve ball touch, technical speed, change of direction, manipulation of the ball with all surfaces and smoothness of touch and build self confidence with the ball, while improving technical form of full body and leg movement. 

Body power is in the core and these exercises will provide more strength, stability and stamina under duress. While also improving flexibility and confidence. 

The moves with the ball tests and improves the player's ability to perform soccer actions under muscle fatigue conditions.

Set Up: This work can all be done indoor in any size room or space or anywhere outdoor. 

Phase 1 Fast Footwork

1. Taps between the feet (3 steps forward and back, side to side, in a circle both ways)

2. Toe Taps (3 steps forward and back, side to side, in a circle both ways)
3. Ball Rolls (3 steps side to side, double rolls right left on the spot)

4. V Moves (Inside V, Outside V, Crossover Vs with the nearest foot and furthest foot from the ball (X), Triangles)
5. Pull and Push (Bait Moves with Inside, Outside, Laces) to improve hip rotation, knee and ankle bend for flexibility and touch and acceleration off the outside of the foot
6. Freestyle with Holds (Toe, Heel, Triangle Holds at speed) 60 seconds for speed and control

Leg Stretches: Quad, Hamstring, Calf, Groin 2. Leg Strength, Power and Agility

Phase 2 Leg Conditioning


1. 50 forward lunges

2. 50 sideways lunges

3. 50 squats
4. 50 single leg squats

5. Bunny Hops 60 seconds all directions preparing player's power via core and technical form on their toes
6. Single Leg Hops (work both feet) 60 seconds all directions preparing player's fast twitch muscles for agility


Power and Agility


100 Power Jumps in sequences of 10 (keep feet together for core work, land with both knees bent to prevent injury)

1. One forward jump (both feet together)
2. 2 hops back, 2 jumps forward (alternate hopping foot each time)
3. 2 hops side to side, one jump forward (hop right, hop left)
4. 2 hops forward, one jump forward, one jump back, one jump forward (Triple Jump)

5. One jump forward, one hop right, one hop left (Ts)

6. Triangle hop, jump right, jump left (lateral jumps)

50 High Jumps in sequences of 10 (develop height for heading)

1. 2 hops back, high jump
2. 2 hops forward, high jump
3. One hop right, one hop left, high jump

4. Triangle hop, high jump

5. Square hop, high jump


Phase 3 Upper Body and Core

Upper Body and Core Stretches


20 Side to Side Twists (obliques)

20 Helicopters (arms circulating forward and back. Deltoid flex)

20 Rainbows (arms in the air, bend side to side as low as you can go both sides. Armpit to hip flex)
20 Windmills (legs apart, one hand down to opposite foot and alternate with one hand down one hand up. Lower back flex)

Touch Ground between the feet (10 seconds Lower Back flex)

Reach High Bend Back (10 seconds bend as far back as possible. Rib cage flex)

Neck Turns ( 5 seconds each, turn right, turn left, chin down on chest, rotate both ways)
20 Soccer Kicks (swing kick across your body both ways as high as possible. Hip flex)

Upper Body and Core Work with Advanced Moves


Every 2 dribble moves, do 10 push ups, 10 crunches

1. Step Over and Scissors
2. Rivelino and Barnes
3. Lunge and Double Lunge

4. Matthews and Reverse Matthews

5. Cruyff and Pull Back

6. Kanu Drag with Inside and with Outside

7. Ronaldinho and Snake
8. Roll and Take, Double Touch
9. Leonardo and Rabona

10. 360 and Zidane Turn
11. Cristiano Ronaldo and Okocha

12. Coutinho and Zico

13. Scoop, Side Scoop and Heel Scoop (No pushups and crunches at this stage)

Core Work

1. Planks (60 seconds)
2. 60 Rotational Planks (arm to arm)

3. Side Planks (60 seconds each side)

4. Reverse Planks (60 seconds)

5. 60 Rainbows (lie on back, legs up in air, feet together, swing slowly side to side without bending the legs or separating them)
6. Bicycle Pedals (60 seconds, bring knee to the chest alternating one at a time)

7. Leg Lifts (60 seconds, lie on back, alternate lifting each leg straight up at 45 degree angle, one at a time without touching the ground)

Cat Stretch (10 seconds, lie on stomach, push chest off the floor with arms out forward at 45 degree angle and hold)

Ball Stretch (10 seconds, decompress lower back by walking hands back and putting head down to the knees)


1.  Juggling (10 minutes)

2.  Dribble Moves (10 minutes)

3.  Passing Exercises (1-3 minutes per exercise)

a)  Pass and Move (to feet and Stamp Pass)

b)  Thru Balls to Space

c)  Splits

d)  Wall Pass or Takeover

e)  Dribble and Back Heel

f)   Outside of the Foot Pass 

g)  Zico Pass or Flick Up and Volley Pass

h)  Chip 

i)   Throw Ins and Header Pass (one offensive, one defensive)

j)   Throw Ins and Chest Control

k)  Throw Ins and Inside Foot Control (one bounce)

l)   Throw Ins and Outside Foot Control (one bounce)

m) Throw Ins and Top of Foot Control (out of air)

n)  Throw Ins and Inside of Foot Control (out of air)

o)  Throw Ins and Outside of Foot Control (out of air)

p)  Third Man Run Combo

4.  Stretch and Hydrate

5.  Ring Game

6.  Range (Line Drive)

7.  Possession Game



24 hours before any tournament match, our players follow a positive nutrition plan to fuel their bodies with the best food and drink that prepares them for optimal energy, focus and repair over the course of the weekend of multiple games.


We call this "Tournament Mode."


NO fried food of any kind

NO sodas or concentrated juices

NO red meat

NO skin on meat

NO mayonaise

NO processed foods like cheese, potato chips. nuggets, pizza, cookies, microwaved foods


Best meal plan example would be:



Cereals with 2% milk

Honey (increases natural energy)

Strawberries (filled with Vitamin C and Zinc which fights fatigue, allows digestion, controls stress, metabolism and immune system)

Banana (potassium lowers stress and controls blood pressure which affects mood and regulates body fluids and waste removal from kidneys, also prevents muscle cramps and weakening)

Yogurt (supports immune system and aids digestion thru day)
Whole wheat (fiber for removal of waste, zinc)

Oats (zinc)
Fresh juices


Between Games:

Apples (improves lung capacity and offers fiber)

Oranges (straightens respiration)

Blackberries (lowers inflammation)

Blueberries (stabilizes blood sugar, improves focus, lowers inflammation)

Raspberries (lowers inflammation)

Grapes  (improves blood flow)

Mango (aids digestion)

Peaches (aids digestion)

Pineapple (aids digestion)

Water Melon (Vitamin A and C, potassium, fiber, magnesium, aids digestion, lowers stress, lowers blood pressure, repairs tissues)

Pumpkin seeds (zinc, magnesium (absorbs calcium and keeps heart healthy and relaxes muscles preventing stiff muscles), manganese (regulates blood sugar, and is a carb metabolizer) and full of natural energy)

walnuts (lifts mood)
Almonds, peanuts, pecan nuts (zinc)

Skinless chicken (quickly digestible protein) or skinless fish (boosts immune system and focus and provides source of energy)

Brown bread (fiber helps digestion)

Light pasta (no sauce as this slows digestion) salad for quick carbs for energy

Beans (stabilizes blood sugar, adds fiber to remove waste)

Sweet potato (lifts mood, great energy stabilizer due to protein)
Tuna (no mayo...has protein, potassium, omega 3 fatty acids (did you know this inhibits breast cancer???), selenium (fights infections), vitamin B12 (maintains healthy nervous system, regulates formation of red blood cells, improves energy)


Water: speeds digestion and cleans toxins out of system


Post game (evening): Fill on carbs like pasta or rice and protein like chicken or fish, green veg iron, magnesium and other essential minerals to repair the body overnight.


8 hours sleep with full glass of water before bed and 8 glasses of water per day (add slice of lemon)

Best balance for a meal is 40% carbs, 20% fats, 40% proteins 2 hours before a game




4 Environmental Phases of Play


3 months outdoor soccer (Sept to Nov)

3 months of futsal (Dec to Mar)
3 months of outdoor soccer (Mar to Jun)

3 months of beach soccer (Jun to Aug)


Preseason Tournament

Training 3x per week (incl futsal)

League Play (Weekend Games)




Post season Tournament




Futsal League and Tournaments (Weekend Games)




Preseason Tournament




League Play (Weekend Games)



Beach Soccer (without shoes on grass)

Beach Soccer Sand Tournament



Beach Soccer


Special Event




Beach Soccer




2x Match Uniforms (2x Numbered Jerseys, 2x Shorts, 2x Socks)

2x Training Uniforms (2x Jerseys, 2x Shorts, 2x Socks)

1x Warm Up Suit     (Top, Pants)

1x Rain Jacket

1x Bench Jacket

1x Team Ball

1x Futsal Ball

1x Team Bag

1x Travel Polo

1x Hoodie






Team Bench

Team Tent

First Aid Kit

2x Match Balls






Team Manager

Team Assistant Manager

Team Treasurer

Team Sideline Liasion

Volunteer Refs (2x Trained and Certified)

Team Hospitality (Drinks and Food)

Team Emergency Contact (First Aid Person)

Team Equipment Coordinator (Bench and Tent)

Team Fundraising Chair and Committee

Team Field Coordinator (Corner Flags and Goals)

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